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Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Patient rights

Preventing Patient rights violations in Turkey, the development of patient rights practices, planning throughout the country, inspection is and the Ministry of Health authorities responsible for coordinating it Treatment Services General Directorate organizes an with one under the name and checks.
The purpose of the directive published with patient rights; to determine the principles and procedures regarding the planning, evaluation, implementation and supervision of patients' rights in the health institutions and organizations within the scope of the directive, in order for everyone to benefit from the “Patient Rights, in accordance with human dignity, to protect them from rights violations and to use legal protection methods when necessary. quality and efficient presentation. All health organizations, whether private or public health, must comply with this directive and keep their records open for inspection.
However, it is necessary to add the right to access and benefit from the health care services before the illness and the right to benefit from all kinds of rights and opportunities offered to a normal individual of the society along with the sequelae of diseases and disabilities.

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