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Tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey’s Tourism Income Exceeds 32 Billion

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) announced in tourism revenues in 2013. Tourism income from foreigners and Turks living abroad increased by 11.4 percent in 2013 and reached 32.3 billion dollars. Turkey does not have a position in the temperate zone are more interested in marine tourism in particular. Aegean, Mediterranean and South Marmara coasts are important for marine tourism.
Among the top 10 for Turkey Foreign Visitors
to which Turkey has an average elevation of more than the charm in terms of winter tourism. There are ski resorts for winter tourism especially in the mountains such as Bursa-Uludağ, Kayseri-Erciyes, Erzurum-Palandöken and Bolu-Kartalkaya.
Turkey is a country with historic features eye-catching. Anatolia has been home to many civilizations such as Hittites, Assyrians, Sumerians, Babylonians and Persians since prehistoric times. The remaining works from these periods contribute greatly to the development of tourism. Besides Turkey, new and quality facilities, a wide range of shopping facilities, with the sheer number of specialized travel agencies and airline companies have become an important tourist center.
All the world tourism market with these characteristics Turkey 2.7%, while the European tourism market share by 5.1%, ranking 8th in the world in terms of tourist arrivals, ranks 9th in terms of tourism revenue. Turkey has hosted an average of 35 million tourists in 2014. Turkey, “Foreign world in the Top 10 for the visitors Country“ took place between.

Tourism Types in Turkey

Health tourism
Health tourism for the purpose of improving the physical well-being of the person traveling to the spa or other health centers for therapeutic purposes, or aesthetic surgery operations, organ transplantation, dental treatment physical therapy, rehabilitation and so on. is a type of tourism that enables the growth of health institutions by using the international patient potential together with those in need. Although they have different definitions, we can summarize health tourism as travels from any place of residence to another (domestic or international) for any health reasons.

Highland Tourism
Our country has suitable climatic characteristics, superior landscape values, traditional life style with the emphasis on rural elements and mountaineering / climbing, equestrian trekking, trekking, paragliding, flora / fauna survey, jeep safari and so on. It is extremely suitable for highland tourism with areas suitable for extreme sports.

Yacht Tourism in Turkey

Hunting Tourism
The geographical structure of Turkey, is appropriate for the development of hunting tourism in terms of vegetation and wildlife. For Hunting Tourism to be organized in the forests of our country, “Land Hunting Law” and Yönetmelik Regulation on Procedures and Principles Regarding Hunting Tourism of Domestic and Foreign Hunters within the Scope of Hunting Tourism 08 published in the Official Gazette dated 08.01.2005 and numbered 25694 issued on the basis of this law and Yönetmelik Law ”within the framework of the decisions taken by the Hunting Commission established within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (directives and instructions) and is carried out in accordance with the principles set by the said Ministry.

Yacht Tourism

Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, Turkey to the north, west and south is surrounded. Turkey, yachtsmen every night, put on a special iron atabileceklerideğişik, a treasure chest of bays and beaches and is home to the blue voyage. This poetic voyage means the historical experience of man from the perspective of the sea instead of land, sailing to the wind in the gulfs and seas and unifying with nature. It is also a journey that takes you to the private beach of Cleopatra, the eternal fire of Mount Olympus and thousands of archaeological remains of ancient civilizations. Yachting in Turkey, the coastal villages and towns will provide really useful cultural exchange experience with charming and welcoming people. Moderate winds, usually from the west and northwest, make the taste of nature ideal for long yachting. Some copper turquoise coasts and protected gulfs are possible to watch the mountain peaks at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters above sea level.

Air Sports

Turkey, paragliding, sailing wing, glider, parachute, air sports such as balloon enthusiasts for a country to be discovered.
• Paragliding
• Sailing (delta) Wing
• Balloon
• Mikrolayt
• Glider
• Model plane
• Parachute

Balloon Tourism in Turkey

River Tourism

Most of the rivers in our country are very suitable for rafting, canoeing and river skiing. As one of the leading branches of nature tourism, it is important to develop this great potential offered by our country for river tourism and to promote it in a way that appeals to large masses. River tourism, which does not require large investments, forms a whole with the historical, archaeological, cultural and authentic values ​​of the environment and other types of tourism. For this reason, while the potential of river tourism is examined, other tourism values ​​in the vicinity that can be developed in an integrated way have been determined within the scope of this project.

Bird Watching

Birdwatching is an observation sport that allows you to know nature from the world of birds. The total number of bird species in Turkey is so bird species found in all of Europe. The most important reasons for our country being rich in birds are that it has rich wetlands and is located on bird migration routes. Bird watching in parallel with developments in Turkey in recent years is spreading rapidly around the world.

Winter Sports Tourism

With the aim of providing diversity in tourism products and spreading the tourism season to the whole year and meeting the changing tourism demand, “Preservation-Use” balance is tried to be given priority from natural beauties which is the main basis of tourism.
At this point in our country’s natural, in line with studies on the use of national interests and cultural and historical beauty of Turkey’s Tourism Strategy (2023) scope is ongoing.
Turkey’s Tourism Strategy determined in the Winter Tourism Corridor (Erzincan, Erzurum, Agri, Kars and Ardahan) the development of winter sports and tourism centers located throughout the work carried out in these provinces first. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, 25 of the 48 potential winter tourism areas identified in the research and investigation conducted throughout the country have been declared as winter tourism centers.

Cave Tourism

In terms of tourism diversity, caves in our country constitute an important potential. 40 percent of our country is composed of rocks suitable for karstification, which is an important quality in terms of cave formations. Turkey’s longest cave, the cave Pınargözü of more than 15 km of Isparta; The deepest cave is the Peynirlikönü Cave in Mersin with 291429 meters. The cave opened to tourism in Turkey over 30, there are many caves only for special interest groups accompanied by a guide that can be entered by providing appropriate equipment out of them. T.C Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 13 caves to this day has put into service for tourism.

Congress Tourism

History and Cultural heritage, Turkey is a door to exciting possibilities world. Where Europe and Asia meets, meeting in Turkey, is a magnificent place for incentive and congress. Turkey wealth of first-class accommodation and conference facilities, easy access to the world’s major cities, beautiful decor and offers unique scenery. All this includes an excellent climate, alternative destinations and a much lower cost advantage. Turkey, with its proximity to European countries and is an ideal destination exoticism. It is possible to reach Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and other national airlines within two or three hours, with transfer connection to Izmir, Antalya and Ankara and direct flights. Daily flights connect Istanbul to the major cities of the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

Botanic Tourism

Various geographical features, climate diversity brought about by geographical differences, being a natural bridge between the three continents, made the Anatolian Peninsula a rare plant diversity in the world. While the total number of plants in Europe is 12.000, this number is 9.000 in our country. Our country is superior to Europe in terms of plant diversity. This is because our country is one of the few regions in the world beyond being superior to Europe in terms of endemic plants that grow only in a certain region or whose homeland is a certain region. While the total number of endemic plants in Europe is 2,750, this number is 3,000 in our country. Only the number of endemic plants in Antalya is 600.

Faith tourism

The Faith Tourism Project aims to improve the number of visitors by improving and promoting the three celestial religions (Muslim-Christianity-Judaism) from the perspectives such as landscaping, lighting, transportation, etc. of the major visiting centers that have survived to the present day. Within the scope of the studies initiated for the development of Faith Tourism, an inventory of the works of three major religions and their places of worship has been prepared in 1993. Within the scope of this project, a committee consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Interior, our Ministry and related public institutions and organizations was established under the Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Committee shall take into account the above-mentioned issues; It identified nine centers which were important for Christianity.

Mountaineering Tourism

Turkey, of different heights, rich geomorphology and tectonic structure, flora, forests, and silhouette with vefauna rich hunting and both winter tourism with mountain with wildlife, hiking and lovers of mountaineering for climbing exceptionally attractive and interesting possibilities sunar.türkiye each year Many tourists from around the world are visiting for mountain climbing and hiking. mountains serving mountaineering tourism in Turkey:

• Ağrı- Ağrı Mountain
• Antalya-Beydağlar
• Kayseri-Erciyes Mountain
• Mersin-Bolkar Mountain
• Niğde-Aladağlar
• Rize-Kaçkar mountain range
• Tunceli-Mercan (Munzur) mountain
• Van-Süphan mountain

Underwater Diving Tourism
important wrecks and underwater caves waiting to be explored by divers located the waters of Turkey “